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adding new dependency to a package

asked 2011-10-12 15:09:04 -0600

Tim C gravatar image

Sorry this is probably a stupid questions...

I've downloaded and successfully built the mrpt_common, mrpt_slam, and mrpt_hwdrivers packages. I assume this now allows me to reference some, if not all, MRPT functionality in a ros package.

However, when I add a reference to a mrpt class and add the include it get errors.

So now I'm wondering whether doing rosmake --rosdep-install <mypkg> doesn't resolve things.

Can someone help me out? My goal is to be able to reference and use any of the many useful MRPT classes from within a ROS package.


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2 Answers

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answered 2011-10-12 17:57:30 -0600

CaptainTrunky gravatar image

updated 2011-10-12 17:59:09 -0600

Hello! If I understand you in right way, you should open next file:


and add something like this:

<depend package="mrpt_common"/>

Also, you can create new package with dependencies, e.g.

roscreate-pkg yourProjectName mrpt_common mrpt_slam mrpt_hwdrivers

After package name you should list all dependecies. Hope this will be useful.

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answered 2012-03-29 12:53:58 -0600

updated 2012-03-29 12:55:32 -0600

CaptainTrunky is right, you should just add one line to your manifest.xml.

But the correct package to depend on is mrpt_libs, which exports the required {c,l}flags. So it would be like:

<depend package="mrpt_libs"/>


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