rviz 2D Nav Goal not working for mrpt Reactive Navigation

asked 2017-09-28 07:05:55 -0600

Hello everyone,

I started working with mrpt reactive navigation and I am facing some problems. I followed the tutorials given and I launched this file roslaunch mrpt_reactivenav2d reactive_nav_demo_with_mvsim.launch As I saw in the video, the robot should move to the goal position when I press on 2D Nav Goal. This is howerver not working on my computer.

Using rostopic echo /move_base_simple/goal I can see the new coordinates of the goal point chosen, but the robot does not move. When I add a panel for Teleop and use the topic cmd_vel, I can move the robot around (without defining goal positions) How can I get the 2D Nav Goal button to work? I am running ros-kinetic. I am not sure of the mrpt version but something close to 2.4 i guess. Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you :)

PS. 2D Pose Estimate is also not working, but I don't really need it for now.

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