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Problem integrating ROS with Eclipse Indigo

asked 2011-09-29 04:41:46 -0600

alfa_80 gravatar image

updated 2014-01-28 17:10:28 -0600

ngrennan gravatar image


I've tried to integrate ROS with eclipse following this link. According to step no.2, I had to run "make eclipse-project" in my package directory, however, i got an error "make: * No rule to make target `eclipse-project'. Stop."

What could be the problem? Thanks in advance.


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1 Answer

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answered 2011-09-29 05:03:02 -0600

kwc gravatar image

updated 2011-09-29 05:19:27 -0600

Are you trying to integrate rosjava code or roscpp code?

The instructions for rosjava (in progress) are here:

For roscpp, your project needs to follow the standard package template, where the Makefile looks like:

 include $(shell rospack find mk)/

And nothing more (i.e. the rest of your bulid is configured via CMake). The above file declares the eclipse-project target.

If you don't wish to use the file, then you can grab the necessary Makefile rule from mk/ and adapt it to your needs.

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roscpp, not rosjava.
alfa_80 gravatar image alfa_80  ( 2011-09-29 05:08:00 -0600 )edit
see updated answer above then
kwc gravatar image kwc  ( 2011-09-29 05:19:11 -0600 )edit
I didn't get you. Did you mean I have to include "include $(shell rospack find mk)/" in Makefile? As far as I know, it is not recommended to alter the Makefile, to alter CMakeList.txt makes sense.
alfa_80 gravatar image alfa_80  ( 2011-09-29 05:27:25 -0600 )edit
Yes, but if you do that include, your Makefile cannot contain anything else -- it is a wrapper for invoking into CMake. So, an alternative is to copy the 'eclipse-project' target out of instead, and put that directly into your Makefile.
kwc gravatar image kwc  ( 2011-09-29 05:28:35 -0600 )edit
Yeah, that works by using that include..By the way, which way is the best practice between those two?
alfa_80 gravatar image alfa_80  ( 2011-09-29 05:43:01 -0600 )edit
Most ROS packages use the include and then do all the build configuration in CMake.
kwc gravatar image kwc  ( 2011-09-29 09:04:53 -0600 )edit
@kwc: Thanks a lot anyway..
alfa_80 gravatar image alfa_80  ( 2011-09-29 18:35:02 -0600 )edit

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