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Setting the grid size in costmap

asked 2011-07-25 07:43:03 -0500

PKG gravatar image

Where can I set the cell size or grid size in costmap 2d? This is the size of the cells into which the map is divided. I am not sure whether this has to be done in costmap or map_server ? I can't find this in the documentation as well.

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2 Answers

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answered 2011-07-25 07:48:39 -0500

Eric Perko gravatar image

See the Map Management Parameters of the costmap_2d docs. Specifically, the resolution parameter is what you are looking for - it specifies the meters/cell for the costmap.

Note that that parameter (as well as the other size related parameters like width and height) only apply to rolling maps - if you are using a static_map, these parameters are pulled from the metadata of the static map. See the OccupancyGrid message for details on the information that comes along with the static_map from the map_server.

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answered 2011-07-25 07:46:53 -0500

eitan gravatar image

When using the map_server in conjunction with costmap_2d, both the resolution of cells and the size of the grid is read from the OccupancyGrid message. What exactly are you trying to do? Change the resolution of a map you already have?

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