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Is it possible to download packages from the build farm?

asked 2011-07-14 04:21:31 -0500

updated 2014-01-28 17:10:03 -0500

ngrennan gravatar image

Many of the packages are built at before they are pushed to the repositories.

Is it possible to get the output debs of these builds?

(If not I'll probably file an enhancement request.)

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answered 2011-07-14 04:41:09 -0500

updated 2011-07-14 17:06:31 -0500

kwc gravatar image

According to the release architecture here:

The Hudson builds are in the release pipeline; the last stage of which before being released publicly is:

EDIT by kwc: ros-shadow-fixed may not have a completed set of packages, so it's use is not recommended. If you do fetch from ros-shadow-fixed, you will have to update your entire set of ros-* debs at once as the debians are version-locked for binary compatibility.

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caveat emptor: they are held there before going public for a reason. You may find yourself with incomplete or broken packages if you regularly use that repository.
kwc gravatar image kwc  ( 2011-07-14 04:52:33 -0500 )edit
Is it in fact always the latest from the build farm though?
Asomerville gravatar image Asomerville  ( 2011-07-14 04:53:25 -0500 )edit
I recommend that you read if you're interested in the definition of what is contained there.
kwc gravatar image kwc  ( 2011-07-14 04:59:51 -0500 )edit
Thanks for the link.
Asomerville gravatar image Asomerville  ( 2011-07-14 05:13:35 -0500 )edit

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