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Openni compilation error

asked 2011-02-21 21:11:38 -0600

updated 2011-02-22 00:40:41 -0600

I'm getting a compilation error when building openni on Ubuntu 10.10:

In file included from openni_camera/src/openni_driver.cpp:43: openni_camera/include/openni_camera/openni.h:45: fatal error: Eigen/Core: No such file or directory

I'm using the version checked out from git with an svn installation of ROS. Presumably there's some library that I'm missing.

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2 Answers

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answered 2011-02-28 08:44:44 -0600

The solution I found was to install the diamondback version of ROS.

Only then could I get openni to compile as per the instructions.

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answered 2011-02-22 05:04:44 -0600

tfoote gravatar image

You are missing the Eigen package. There are instructions on how to install openni on the ni wiki page

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I've followed the instructions, but still end up with the same compile error. Do I need to install Eigen separately?
JediHamster gravatar image JediHamster  ( 2011-02-22 07:31:05 -0600 )edit

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