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What coordinate frame does rviz set the 2D Nav Goal in?

asked 2013-07-25 08:53:36 -0500

BlitherPants gravatar image

updated 2013-07-25 08:55:11 -0500


I've got a Turtlebot 2 in ROS Groovy, and I've been learning about navigation. One thing that confuses me is what happens internally in rviz when I press the "2D Nav Goal" button after running roslaunch turtlebot_rviz_launchers view_navigation.launch as done in the tutorial at:

I know that it sends a goal to the navfn component in the move_base node (I think), but my question is, what reference is it using when I click the screen? IE, if I click on an X,Y point on the screen, what is it passing to move_base? Am I telling the robot to move some distance relative to its base_link? Or am I sending it to a fixed point on its local or global costmap?

Thanks in advance!

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answered 2013-07-26 00:39:59 -0500


In RVIZ you can choose the "fixed frame", it's always the first item in the display list. The goal, initial pose or any other message will be send in the frame that you have selected there. By default it is /map.


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So if I understand correctly, what gets sent to move_base is an X,Y destination relative to the global costmap?

BlitherPants gravatar image BlitherPants  ( 2013-07-26 09:24:07 -0500 )edit

Well it is actually an full 3D pose (position and orientation) with respect to the /map reference frame.

Mario Garzon gravatar image Mario Garzon  ( 2013-08-08 06:47:10 -0500 )edit

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