where is the source repo for sbpl for the apt-get version? [closed]

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I am trying to investigate a crash caused by an intermittent exception in the sbpl library as part of using the sbpl lattice planner. Looking at a version of the code (that isn't the one I have installed, see below) this is the part of the code in(EnvironmentNAVXYTHETALAT::ConvertStateIDPathintoXYThetaPath) that prints out the error: void if(bestsind == -1) { SBPL_ERROR("ERROR: successor not found for transition:\n"); GetCoordFromState(sourceID, sourcex_c, sourcey_c, sourcetheta_c); GetCoordFromState(targetID, targetx_c, targety_c, targettheta_c); SBPL_PRINTF("%d %d %d -> %d %d %d\n", sourcex_c, sourcey_c, sourcetheta_c, targetx_c, targety_c, targettheta_c); SBPL_PRINTF("source=%d target=%d Succ.size=%d\n", sourceID, targetID, (int)SuccIDV.size()); for(int sind = 0; sind < (int)SuccIDV.size(); sind++) { SBPL_PRINTF("sind=%d SuccIDV[sind]=%d CostV[sind]=%d\n", sind, SuccIDV[sind], CostV[sind]); } throw new SBPL_Exception(); } although I am fairly sure that the mprim file has the appropriate source to target transition defined.

However, I can't seem to find the source for the installed version so I can debug.

I installed sbpl using apt-get install ros-fuerte-sbpl.

Running apt-cache policy ros-fuerte-sbpl gives: ros-fuerte-sbpl:
Installed: 1.1.4-0precise-20130502-2042-+0000
Candidate: 1.1.4-0precise-20130502-2042-+0000
Version table:
* 1.1.4-0precise-20130502-2042-+0000 0
500 "packages.ros.org/ros/ubuntu/ precise/main amd64 Packages"
100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

Looking in the ros.org packages directory doesn't have any source for sbpl just a package file with information.

The versions at (from ros wiki):

don't seem to be the source that generated the binary that I have because if I compile and link them to sbpl_lattice_planner I get an exception SBPL_ERROR("ERROR: getsuccs is not supported currently\n"); throw new SBPL_Exception(); in EnvironmentNAVXYTHETALAT::GetSuccsofChangedEdges

This website points to the same repo: "www.sbpl.net/Software"

The version here has the same exception problem: "kforge.ros.org/sbpl/sbpl?p=sbpl;a=blob;f=src/discrete_space_information/environment_navxythetalat.cpp;h=acc9fe25c879d1492370b11d356c27df2871b09c;hb=HEAD"

The links to source from this web page don't seem to work "www.seas.upenn.edu/~maximl/software.html"

Where is the source for the apt-get version? Or should I be using a different versions of sbpl or sbpl_lattice_planner?

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