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Hi !

I am working with a Turtlebot and ros groovy. I would like to use Kinect data with gmapping to map and to avoid obstacles. I found two solutions to transform Kinect data in a laser scan :

I would like to use Kinect data between 0cm (the ground) and 50cm (just above my robot) and to aggregate the data into a laser scan for gmapping. Which one of the two methods should I use ? For real time applications which one is better ?

UPDATE : I saw on other questions in ros answers that pointcloud_to_laserscan is no longer available in Groovy and has been replaced by depthimage_to_laserscan which is faster. I am still not sure how to use the new package to take data between 0cm and 50cm... Depthimage_to_laserscan takes a specific number of pixels but centered vertically in the image. Is it possible to use depthimage_to_laserscan with pixels not centered in the image ?

Thanks for help, Caroline

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