Kinect light level auto-adjustment [closed]

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Hi everybody,

I am using kinect (old model 1414), using Ubuntu 12.10 with ROS Groovy. I would like to know if anyone knows how to disable the light adjustment which is automatic ?

Because I would like to keep the level constant.... I tried to look in dynamic parameters, but I didn't see anything...

[EDIT] I do know that it is a driver problem. However, as shown on the protocol documentation, it should be feasible, and I was wondering if it could have been added to the openni packages ?

Thank you in advance,

Bests regards,


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Not an answer, but there was some talk on [pcl-users] a while ago about this, not sure what came of it:

mjcarroll gravatar image mjcarroll  ( 2013-06-07 05:26:14 -0600 )edit
Stephane.M gravatar image Stephane.M  ( 2013-06-07 05:34:20 -0600 )edit