Altering exploration goals on the fly. [closed]

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I'm making a search robot that uses the Explore stack to send goals to move base. My question is this, is there a way of intercepting these goals and changing/dropping them occasionally? Let me explain, as my robot is moving about it's seeing things. 95% it's seeing things which are of no interest to it, in this case the explore node's MoveBaseActionGoal should just be passed on as is. When the robot sees something of interest to it I would like some way of pausing to examine it(drop goals) or move towards it for a closer look(change the goal). I assume what I need to do is set up some kind of interceptor node which subscribes to the MoveBaseActionGoals from explore then relays these on to move_base but when I try this I get the warning "[ WARN] [1363678197.929778870]: Waiting to connect to move_base server" from the explore node. Any ideas?

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Did you write the code in Python? Are you willing to provide a link for people to see the code?

Chik gravatar image Chik  ( 2013-03-21 14:49:46 -0500 )edit