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InteractiveMarkerControl menu mode shows on left click

asked 2013-02-23 08:50:46 -0500

updated 2014-01-28 17:15:23 -0500

ngrennan gravatar image

I have an interactive marker whose interaction mode is MENU. The menu should only display when the marker is right clicked; however, it activates on either right or left click. The menu marker in the basic controls demo exhibits the same behavior. Do I need to specify which mouse button it uses, or is there a bug somewhere? I'm in Ubuntu 12.04 with ROS Groovy.

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1 Answer

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answered 2013-02-23 09:21:27 -0500

dgossow gravatar image

The behaviour of menu controls was changed in groovy. Use a button control to get the right-click behaviour.

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Thanks, dgossow. For anyone with this problem, some of the ROS tutorial code is outdated. See:

Jeffrey Kane Johnson gravatar image Jeffrey Kane Johnson  ( 2013-02-23 09:38:14 -0500 )edit

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