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Interactive Marker: Click directly on sphere or box

asked 2011-11-14 00:42:13 -0500

Ugo gravatar image


I'm publishing some interactive markers to be able to select different objects from a scene in rviz (see screenshot below. I'm using an InteractiveMarkerControl.MENU type.

Interactive Marker

I'm now able to select the marker, but only by clicking on the "CLICK" text, which is the description of the InteractiveMarkerControl() associated.

Is it possible to have a marker which react when we click directly on the sphere?

Thanks in advance.


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1 Answer

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answered 2011-11-16 03:31:26 -0500

hersh gravatar image

updated 2011-11-16 03:34:19 -0500

Yes, in fact you are very close already. Simply set interaction_mode = InteractiveMarkerControl.BUTTON in the control which has the sphere shape, then in your feedback message, look for event_type == InteractiveMarkerFeedback::BUTTON_CLICK.

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thanks for that
Ugo gravatar image Ugo  ( 2011-11-21 03:12:30 -0500 )edit

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