urdfdom in fuerte, Groovy package? [closed]

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I am following the pr2 controller tutorial but I can't rosmake / rosdep pr2_gazebo

  rosdep install pr2_gazebo
    ERROR: the following packages/stacks could not have their rosdep keys resolved
    to system dependencies:
    pr2_gazebo: Missing resource urdfdom

But when I do apt-get install:

ros-fuerte-urdfdom is already the newest version.
ros-fuerte-urdfdom set to manually installed.

If I look in the manifest of pr2_description:

      <depend package="urdfdom" /> <!-- Testing -->
  <depend package="xacro" /> <!-- Testing -->
  <platform os="ubuntu" version="9.04"/>
  <platform os="ubuntu" version="9.10"/>
  <platform os="ubuntu" version="10.04"/>

I am using a development version of the pr2 or something?

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