Errors with Stage SimulatingOneRobot tutorial and rviz + Fix [closed]

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I'm trying to follow the Stage SimulatingOneRobot tutorial and when I try to start rviz via:

rosrun rviz rviz -d `rospack find stage`/rviz/stage.vcg

I get the following errors on the rviz console:

[ERROR] [1359742184.993057147, 96.500000000]: The plugin for class 'Grid' failed to load. Error: According to the loaded plugin descriptions the class Grid with base class type rviz::Display does not exist. Declared types are rviz/Axes rviz/Camera rviz/Grid rviz/GridCells rviz/Image rviz/InteractiveMarker rviz/LaserScan rviz/Map rviz/Marker rviz/MarkerArray rviz/Odometry rviz/Path rviz/PointCloud rviz/PointCloud2 rviz/Polygon rviz/Pose rviz/PoseArray rviz/Range rviz/RobotModel rviz/TF rviz_plugin_tutorials/Imu and in the rviz UI, I see this error:

  1. Laser Scan (Laser Scan) This config file uses an old format with 'Type=Laser Scan'. The new format uses the C++ class name, for example 'ClassName=rviz::GridDisplay' for a Grid display.

I think I managed to fix it by changing the stage.vcg that ships with stage (stage/rviz). After I made these changes, the errors went away and I could see output from the laser scan in rviz.

Here is a snippet from the new stage.vcg file:


What is the best way to get this fix pushed upstream?

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