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hai im doing project in wheel chair based robot. iam trying to implement obstacle avoidance and control through touch screen

OS: ros ( using ROSSERIAL) SENSOR: ultrasonic sensor ( ping economic) touch screen : using an android mobile.

my problem is iam new to ros i dont know how iam goning to connect these ultrasonic sensors to the pc ? by using phidgets interface? but it seems little costly

what about connecting these all sensors to ARDUINO, then connecting ARDUINO to pc? is possible , will it works good?.

initially i planned to us WINDOWS CE or RTLINUX coz. i got some java codes from the book "LINUX ROBOTICS" by d.newman.

do i need to write some codes like we do in microcontrollers to control the robot or we have just to call already written codes in ros.

but right now i spending lots of time in going through ros wiki, in that wiki showing controlling the turtle in the screen but how it is going to help me in controlling the robot in real world.

sorry for the disturbance. just give me some directions to work on and send some links

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Please give your question a more descriptive title and tag it so people who can answer your question will be able to find it. Also (please don't take this as an insult) improve the writing of your question: I can barely understand what you are trying to say.

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