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Hi guys,

Rather advanced stuff for a rookie question, but I'll give it a try and ask.
Has anybody here done cross compiling of ros packages?
The goals are:
1) to run ROS on roboard which is 32 bit i486 running linux.
2) to avoid compilation on the robot and do it on a workstation instead and deploy only binaries. WS is linux 64bit i686.

I see these options:
a) build all ros from source on my ws but for 32bits.
b) create a 32 bit virtual machine and do everything there.
c) have ros installation from roboard mapped into my workstation via sshfs and crosscompile only my ros-node.

There is some package called eros in groovy which could possibly help, but problem is that roboard can run only fuerte.

The only reasonable project I have found so far is humanoid by Taylor Veltrop which does compilation on the roboard itself. What is the experience of community with ros on roboard?


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I suggest taking this to ros-sig-embedded mailing list.

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Closing as too general for a concrete answer.

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