How can I render many objects in rviz without slowing down to a halt? (or, how do I switch scene managers?) [closed]

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I would like to use rviz to display a large SLAM graph with tens of thousands of nodes and edges. When I do so by using LINE_ARRAY markers to render edges, rviz grinds to a stop for any graph with more than a handful (< 1000?) of edges.

I believe this may be because rviz uses OGRE's default scene manager, which is bad at doing culling on flat scene hierarchies:

From Ogre3D's wiki:(

The default generic manager (the one that's built in) isn't that good. It can do hierarchal frustum culling, but relies on you to build the hierarchy. If you add 1000 nodes with entities to the root scene node, each has to be tested for culling every frame.

I would therefore like to use some other scene manager, such as the octree scene manager (see above link). How do I tell rviz to switch scene managers?

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