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catkin_pkg is missing topological_order

asked 2012-10-26 10:20:05 -0600

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  • Ubuntu 12.04
  • ROS Groovy

After installing python-catkin-pkg and ros-groovy-catkin from the ROS debian repositories, and manually creating a catkin workspace and then calling cmake ../src from the build directory, I saw the following error:

/opt/ros/groovy/share/catkin/cmake/em/order_packages.cmake.em:6: error: <type 'exceptions.ImportError'>: No module named topological_order
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/empy", line 3288, in <module>
    if __name__ == '__main__': main()
  File "/usr/bin/empy", line 3286, in main
  File "/usr/bin/empy", line 3269, in invoke
    interpreter.wrap(interpreter.file, (file, name))
  File "/usr/bin/empy", line 2273, in wrap
  File "/usr/bin/empy", line 2264, in wrap
    apply(callable, args)
  File "/usr/bin/empy", line 2337, in file, done, locals)
  File "/usr/bin/empy", line 2379, in safe
    self.parse(scanner, locals)
  File "/usr/bin/empy", line 2399, in parse, locals)
  File "/usr/bin/empy", line 1410, in run
    interpreter.execute(self.code, locals)
  File "/usr/bin/empy", line 2576, in execute
    exec statements in self.globals
  File "<string>", line 3, in <module>
ImportError: No module named topological_order
CMake Error at /opt/ros/groovy/share/catkin/cmake/safe_execute_process.cmake:11 (message):

  /usr/bin/empy --raw-errors -F
  /opt/ros/groovy/share/catkin/cmake/em/order_packages.cmake.em) returned
  error code 1
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  /opt/ros/groovy/share/catkin/cmake/em_expand.cmake:17 (safe_execute_process)
  /opt/ros/groovy/share/catkin/cmake/catkin_workspace.cmake:34 (em_expand)
  CMakeLists.txt:45 (catkin_workspace)

-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!
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answered 2012-10-26 10:22:35 -0600

this post is marked as community wiki

This post is a wiki. Anyone with karma >75 is welcome to improve it.

This was happening because python-catkin-pkg was out of sync in the debian repositories (version 0.1.0) and ros-groovy-catkin now requires at least version 0.1.3.

You can download the latest python-catkin-pkg from ros-shadow-fixed here.

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Asked: 2012-10-26 10:20:05 -0600

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