Switching from OpenNI to OpenKinect [closed]

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Hi everyone, I wanted to use kinect for my robot project, and installed ROS and openni drivers by following instructions to the letter (I'm also new to ROS). But after starting to run the samples I ran into many problems that also other people seem to have with openni and couldn't solve them. For example I cannot get rviz to show the pointcould to me, and after closing image_view for viewing either rgb or depth data, I have to close openni_launch, kill the driver and reconnect my kinnect to be able to view depth or rgb data again. As far as I know by searching this forum, there is no current solution to this problem. But I have installed openkinect on my windows and it works correctly. I was wondering how can I remove openni driver and start working with openkinect?

Thanks in advance, Kourosh

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Now, I have tagged some packges with your question. Always, try to do that while posting.

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Sure, Thanks. I'll do it next time :)

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