Android Mobile App timing out when trying to connect to run Teleop [closed]

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I'm a fairly new ROS and turtlebot user. I'm trying to get the turtlebot that I have to work with my Android device. I am able to connect to the turtlebot by going through the configuration steps. However, I am unable to run the Teleop, Make a Map and Map Nav parts of the application (I have downloaded them off of the Play Store/ Android Market). I am able to change the state of the robot, turning it from "Active" to "Passive" mode (as confirmed by bringing up the Turtlebot Dashboard "rosrun turtlebot_dashboard turtlebot_dashboard&") and am able to gather data from the Kinect using rviz. When connected to the turtlebot through my Android device, a Samsung phone, and trying to start the "Teleop" application, the screen immediately turns side-ways and displays a message along the lines of "starting app"... and then just sits there displaying the "9 dots" logo of the "App Chooser" application. Any ideas?

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