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Doubt about Localization/tf with slam_gmapping and use it for move_base navigation

asked 2012-10-08 03:22:19 -0500

Reza Ch gravatar image

Hello, I have been using slam_gmapping package to have localization frame of my differential robot and use it for the move_base package for path planing. But here I doubt on something about transformation frames which I couldn't see in gmapping tutorials.

Normally there are two things: one is that there is a frame we attach to the system ( this is just a definition), another thing is our estimate of their location and transformation among them. In my system I have the transformations (tf tree)as followed:

/map --> /odom --> /base_link --> /laser_link

I am giving the odometry data to base_link; but after localization there is no newly created localized frame of my robot base. So in which way the move_base navigation package is getting a guess of my robot position as a result of my SLAM node?

I hope I could open my question clearly.

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answered 2012-10-08 03:51:53 -0500

Lorenz gravatar image

At the end of the gmapping wiki page you can see which tf transformations are required by gmapping and which ones are provided by it.

Essentially, your robot's odometry node should publish the transform between /odom and /base_link while gmapping will publish the transform from /map to /odom. You can then get your robot's pose in map by requesting the transform from /map to /base_link. this and this tutorial could be helpful if you didn't find them already.

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