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Doubt about Localization/tf with slam_gmapping and use it for move_base navigation

Hello, I have been using slam_gmapping package to have localization frame of my differential robot and use it for the move_base package for path planing. But here I doubt on something about transformation frames which I couldn't see in gmapping tutorials.

Normally there are two things: one is that there is a frame we attach to the system ( this is just a definition), another thing is our estimate of their location and transformation among them. In my system I have the transformations (tf tree)as followed:

/map --> /odom --> /base_link --> /laser_link

I am giving the odometry data to base_link; but after localization there is no newly created localized frame of my robot base. So in which way the move_base navigation package is getting a guess of my robot position as a result of my SLAM node?

I hope I could open my question clearly.