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Hi all,

I'm doing motion planning for a custom-built manipulator using ompl. To control the manipulator, I need to provide a text file which include the JointTrajectory message to the low-level controller (offline). I used ompl for a simulated manipulator, and try to generated a text file from JointTrajectory message.

However, while execute launch file planning_components_visualizer.launch , the JointTrajectory and ik_solution_display is not published.

There is JointTrajectoryAction to publish trajectory_msgs/JointTrajectory but for non PR2, a joint_trajectory_action_controller must be written.

Is it the only way I can get the JointTrajectory from the simulated manipulator? Any example for joint_trajectory_action_controller with a simulated robot? What will be the different in writing for the real one and writing for a simulated one?

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