How does ompl_ros_interface plan with position constraint on the end pose? [closed]

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i know we can use ompl_ros_interface for two kinds of planning: one is for the joint goal(in the joint space), and the other is for the pose goal(in cartesian space). the principle for planning in the joint space is quite straightforward, but how the ompl deals with the planning in the cartesian space? according to my understanding, there are two ways:

1) given the start and end pose in the cartesian space, do the planning in the cartesian space directly, generate a trajectory in the cartesian space, and then use IK to move the arm following this trajectory; 2) use the IK to find the joint configuration according to the pose goal, and then plan in the joint space. which is the one OMPL uses?

in the ompl_planning.yaml generated with planning_description_configuration_wizard , i see the following:(my planning group name is left_arm)


planner_type: RPYIKTaskSpacePlanner

so i guess when do the pose goal planning, the OMPL uses the 1st method. am i correct?

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