Rviz is crashing on changing global fixed frame

asked 2023-05-03 10:24:12 -0500

updated 2023-05-03 15:33:00 -0500

Hey, I hope you all are doing well.

I am trying to run the demo.launch.py of moveit_resources_fanuc_moveit_config package (Link). It's working and rviz is starting without any errors (although with few warnings). When I am trying to change the global fixed frame (like from base_link -> link_1, base_link -> link_2, etc.) inside the rviz, then it is crashing with below errors:

[rviz2-1] [INFO] [1683126063.065888770] [interactive_marker_display_93866399579760]: Service response received for initialization
[rviz2-1] [INFO] [1683126073.831245395] [interactive_marker_display_93866399579760]: Target frame is now link_2
[ERROR] [rviz2-1]: process has died [pid 9398, exit code -11, cmd '/opt/ros/humble/lib/rviz2/rviz2 -d /home/anubhav1772/ros2_ws/install/moveit_resources_fanuc_moveit_config/share/moveit_resources_fanuc_moveit_config/launch/moveit.rviz --ros-args -r __node:=rviz2 --params-file /tmp/launch_params_u6sw7fhg --params-file /tmp/launch_params_o7z5eiq_ --params-file /tmp/launch_params_wppoml0c --params-file /tmp/launch_params_lidik1zk'].

The above error message is not helpful in detecting the issue(s). It consists of a number of param files. I looked at all of them, they just contain the urdf and .yaml contents in them.

I also tested the demo.launch.py of moveit_resources_panda_moveit_config package (Link). It is working perfectly and I am able to change the global fixed frame without any error or warning. I went through the demo.launch.py of both the packages, I found nothing that can help me solve above problem. I don't know if there is something wrong with the moveit_resources_fanuc_moveit_config package or moveit2 framework or rviz2.

Also, on running demo.launch.py of fanuc_moveit_config package, I am getting below warning (not sure if this is related to above issue or not, but not getting this warning in case of panda package):

[rviz2-1] Warning: class_loader.impl: SEVERE WARNING!!! A namespace collision has occurred with plugin factory for class rviz_default_plugins::displays::InteractiveMarkerDisplay. New factory will OVERWRITE existing one. This situation occurs when libraries containing plugins are directly linked against an executable (the one running right now generating this message). Please separate plugins out into their own library or just don't link against the library and use either class_loader::ClassLoader/MultiLibraryClassLoader to open.
[rviz2-1]          at line 253 in /opt/ros/humble/include/class_loader/class_loader/class_loader_core.hpp
[rviz2-1] [INFO] [1683145287.963376038] [moveit_rdf_loader.rdf_loader]: Loaded robot model in 0.00497962 seconds
[rviz2-1] [INFO] [1683145287.963422573] [moveit_robot_model.robot_model]: Loading robot model 'fanuc'...
[INFO] [spawner-7]: process has finished cleanly [pid 17223]
[rviz2-1] [ERROR] [1683145291.022834726] [moveit_ros_visualization.motion_planning_frame]: Action server: /recognize_objects not available
[rviz2-1] [INFO] [1683145291.056534173] [moveit_ros_visualization.motion_planning_frame]: MoveGroup namespace changed: / -> . Reloading params.
[rviz2-1] [INFO] [1683145291.137802196] [moveit_rdf_loader.rdf_loader]: Loaded robot model in 0.00311476 seconds
[rviz2-1] [INFO] [1683145291.137871193] [moveit_robot_model.robot_model]: Loading robot model 'fanuc'...


  • ROS2 (Humble) - Installed MoveIt2 from source (branch - Humble).
  • Ubuntu 22.04

I would really appreciate any help/guidance in solving this.

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