Recording bag files over network with shared timestamp

asked 2023-02-20 19:51:55 -0500

obotic gravatar image

I have 3 machines that are networked together with one serving as ros master. Each machine captures images from a separate camera so I have 3 image topics in total. When I tried to rosbag record the 3 image topics to just one machine, the buffer overflowed and increasing buffer size did not help either. Now I am thinking of recording each machine's image topic to its own disk. This will create a bag file on each machine, with each machine having one image topic. I need the 3 bag files to share the same clock however (or timestamp), will that be possible and will it be accurate (synchronization is important for my application)? So if I capture the first image on machine 1 at time 0:00, and capture the first image of machine 2 at time 0:02 (2 seconds later), will I be able to see that time difference in the bag files?

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