Using rrt_exploration with hector_quadrotor

asked 2023-01-31 03:25:30 -0500

hunterlineage1 gravatar image

I am trying to use the hector_quadrotor package in ros melodic along with rrt_exploration to enable my hector_quadrotor to autonomously explore an unknown environment and create a map of it (no teleoperation through keyboard; hector_quadrotor must automatically map an unknown area).

I read the rrt_exploration page for documentation and instructions and I am confused about what are the packages I will need to install. I understand for the navigation package to work I will need the move_base package. The documentation for rrt_exploration also states I will need gmapping to be the "mapping node" to enable the function "Each robot should have a local map generated from the gmapping package."

I see that hector_quadrotor already creates an occupancy grid in the roslaunch hector_quadrotor_demo indoor_slam_gazebo.launch example, so now I am wondering if I need gmapping at all or I can use the hector_quadrotor's existing mapping capabilities. Will installing gmapping in the same /src directory of my catkin workspace interfere with hector_quadrotor's existing mapping capabilities, say when I run hector_quadrotor_demo indoor_slam_gazebo.launch? I am looking at rrt_exploration_tutorials but I am trying to figure out how I can use this with hector_quadrotor for autonomous exploration.

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