How to switch planning group with MoveIts MoveGroupInterface

asked 2023-01-23 07:46:20 -0500

NotARobot gravatar image

Greetings. I want to control a robot (UR10) with the MoveIt C++ API MoveGroupInterface.

For that I wrote a action server which uses the API for path planning and trajectory execution. The robot has multiple planning groups, as there are multiple grippers involved. With the MoveGroupInterface I have to specify the planning group when I initialize it. Also afaik MoveGroupInterface has no setter for the planning group name, therefore I cannot change it dynamically. It makes sense to just have one MoveGroupInterface, but from my point of view it doesn't make sense not to give to option to switch between planning groups.

Since there are no good tutorials on the MoveIt2 C++ API I hope you could guide me in the right direction. What is the proper way to use MoveIt with multiple planning groups?

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