Interactive marker not working

asked 2022-12-08 13:53:44 -0500

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Hi, thanks for watching this post.

Issue: I have not been able to guide the Franka Emika robotic arm by the interactive marker when I use "position_joint_trajectory_controller".

Details: After the installation of Franka Emika robotic arm (robotic arm) and Moveit on ROS Noetic + Ubuntu 20.04, I tried "Pick & Place Example" on Rviz and Gazebo by the following URL: I used "cartesian_impedance_example_controller". I was able to guide the robotic arm with my mouse by dragging the interactive marker, and the robotic arm in Gazebo showed the exact same motion with that of Rviz.

When I used the "position_joint_trajectory_controller", the interactive marker and robotic arm in Rviz do not work together. I was able to move the interactive marker in Rviz but the robotic arm in Rviz and Gazebo did not move.

There was no "position_joint_trajectory_controller node", and thus it seems that "interactive marker node" and "position_joint_trajectory_controller node" did not communicate each other according to the output of "rqt_graph", while "interactive marker node" and "cartesian_impedance_example_controller" does through "cartesian_impedance_example_controller/equilibrium_pose". I guessed this was the cause but was not able to solve it.

Could you give me advice?

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