Octomap_full message update?

asked 2022-11-03 21:41:41 -0600

JohnDoe gravatar image

updated 2022-11-03 22:14:23 -0600


I'm new to octomap_server and have some confusions.

I have add the octomap_mapping.launch file in my custom launch file. By remapping some parameters, I obtained the octomap after processing the Pointcloud2 message.

However, this is where the problem comes.

I constructed a dynamic environment. What I want is for both the point cloud and the octomap to be updated in real time. But the octomap will be incrementally accumulated. In other words, the octomap of the previous moment still exists with the current moment. As time progresses, the number of useless octomap will gradually increase.

How can I update the octomap and at the same time eliminate the past octomap.

Help would be greatly appreciated´╝ü

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