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We experienced several issues with using MoveIt after we did an update yesterday (sudo apt update) and we had this error with almost everything we do: RTPS_MSG_IN Problem reserving CacheChange (I don't remember it literally because it's not present now. EDIT: it is back again, see below)

So we decided to uninstall ROS and install again. To test if everything is resolved, we use the demo launch file from MoveIt tutorials package (here), but we get the NO PLANNING LIBRARY LOADED error inside rviz and the robot model is flickering between 2 states (I can't attach pictures to show it, but you can see it here and here). To add more confusion, this behavior is completely gone sometimes; the robot model is loaded successfully and the OMPL is loaded without any problems.

System Information: Ubuntu 22.04.1 jammy 5.15.0-50-generic and ROS2 Humble

ROS was installed according to the instruction here by using sudo apt install ros-humble-desktop-full and then MoveIt2 was installed from source according to the instruction here

EDIT: After I built the UNIVERSAL_ROBOTS_ROS2_DRIVER according to the instructions here, when I do: ros2 launch ur_moveit_config ur_type:=ur10e launch_rviz:=true, I get the same behaviour and I when I try to click on plan button anyways in rviz, I get the RTPS_MSG_IN error again as below.

Any help on how to handle this problem is much appreciated


mango@mango-fly18:~/pymoveit_ws_new$ ros2 launch ur_moveit_config ur_type:=ur10e launch_rviz:=true
[INFO] [launch]: All log files can be found below /home/mango/.ros/log/2022-10-19-20-41-12-479256-mango-fly18-207698
[INFO] [launch]: Default logging verbosity is set to INFO
[INFO] [move_group-1]: process started with pid [207705]
[INFO] [rviz2-2]: process started with pid [207707]
[INFO] [servo_node_main-3]: process started with pid [207709]
[servo_node_main-3] [WARN] [1666204872.981735407] [moveit_servo.servo_node]: Intra-process communication is disabled, consider enabling it by adding: 
[servo_node_main-3] extra_arguments=[{'use_intra_process_comms' : True}]
[servo_node_main-3] to the Servo composable node in the launch file
[move_group-1] [WARN] [1666204872.982403361] [move_group.move_group]: Falling back to using the the move_group node namespace (deprecated behavior).
[servo_node_main-3] [INFO] [1666204873.002976412] [moveit_rdf_loader.rdf_loader]: Loaded robot model in 0.020434 seconds
[servo_node_main-3] [INFO] [1666204873.002998501] [moveit_robot_model.robot_model]: Loading robot model 'ur'...
[servo_node_main-3] [INFO] [1666204873.003005425] [moveit_robot_model.robot_model]: No root/virtual joint specified in SRDF. Assuming fixed joint
[move_group-1] [INFO] [1666204873.003083304] [moveit_rdf_loader.rdf_loader]: Loaded robot model in 0.0206056 seconds
[move_group-1] [INFO] [1666204873.003098626] [moveit_robot_model.robot_model]: Loading robot model 'ur'...
[move_group-1] [INFO] [1666204873.003102327] [moveit_robot_model.robot_model]: No root/virtual joint specified in SRDF. Assuming fixed joint
[servo_node_main-3] [WARN] [1666204873.010472833] [moveit_ros.robot_model_loader]: No kinematics plugins defined. Fill and load kinematics.yaml!
[move_group-1] Link base_link had 2 children
[move_group-1] Link base had 0 children
[move_group-1] Link base_link_inertia had 1 children
[move_group-1] Link shoulder_link had 1 children
[move_group-1] Link upper_arm_link had 1 children
[move_group-1] Link forearm_link had 1 children
[move_group-1] Link wrist_1_link had 1 children
[move_group-1] Link wrist_2_link had 1 children
[move_group-1] Link wrist_3_link had 2 children
[move_group-1] Link flange had 1 children
[move_group-1] Link tool0 had 0 children
[move_group-1 ...
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I am having the same problem. What did you end up doing?

RCoverC gravatar image RCoverC  ( 2022-11-08 20:07:50 -0500 )edit

We rolled back to ROS1!

robra gravatar image robra  ( 2022-11-11 05:06:23 -0500 )edit

It seems as unsolvable problem for the time being, check this:

robra gravatar image robra  ( 2022-11-11 11:28:59 -0500 )edit