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I'm a bit at a loss, when reading through the documentation of rcl and rclc on the micro-ros website, it does not clearly state if both a subscriber and publisher need individual rclc_executor and rcl_allocator. Maybe this is crystal clear to other, but I can not find any reference / mention of how to implement both a subscriber and publisher in a single program.


rclc_executor_t executor;
rclc_support_t support;
rcl_allocator_t allocator;
rcl_node_t node;

vs this:

rclc_executor_t pub_executor;
rclc_executor_t sub_executor;
rclc_support_t pub_support;
rclc_support_t sub_support;
rcl_allocator_t pub_allocator;
rcl_allocator_t sub_allocator;
rcl_node_t pub_node;
rcl_node_t sub_node;

The following "combined" publisher and subscriber does Not work. I'm unsure how to properly debug this, as it seems to immediately jump into the error_loop and then it's over. But why it does that, I'm not sure. Below is the merged source code. If any of you has worked with rcl / rclc before and knows what might be worng, please do let me know.

#include <Arduino.h>
#include <micro_ros_platformio.h>

#include <rcl/rcl.h>
#include <rclc/rclc.h>
#include <rclc/executor.h>

#include <std_msgs/msg/int32.h>

#error This example is only avaliable for Arduino framework with serial transport.

rcl_publisher_t publisher;
rcl_subscription_t subscriber;
std_msgs__msg__Int32 msg;

rclc_executor_t pub_executor;
rclc_support_t pub_support;
rcl_allocator_t pub_allocator;
rcl_node_t pub_node;

// subscriber
rclc_executor_t sub_executor;
rclc_support_t sub_support;
rcl_allocator_t sub_allocator;
rcl_node_t sub_node;

rcl_timer_t timer;

#define LED_PIN 13

#define RCCHECK(fn) { rcl_ret_t temp_rc = fn; if((temp_rc != RCL_RET_OK)){error_loop();}}
#define RCSOFTCHECK(fn) { rcl_ret_t temp_rc = fn; if((temp_rc != RCL_RET_OK)){}}

// Error handle loop
void error_loop() {
  while(1) {
    digitalWrite(LED_PIN, !digitalRead(LED_PIN));

void timer_callback(rcl_timer_t * timer, int64_t last_call_time) {
  if (timer != NULL) {
    RCSOFTCHECK(rcl_publish(&publisher, &msg, NULL));

void subscription_callback(const void * msgin)
  const std_msgs__msg__Int32 * msg = (const std_msgs__msg__Int32 *)msgin;
  digitalWrite(LED_PIN, (msg->data == 0) ? LOW : HIGH);  

void setup() {
  // Configure serial transport

  pinMode(LED_PIN, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(LED_PIN, HIGH); 


  sub_allocator = rcl_get_default_allocator();

  //create init_options
  RCCHECK(rclc_support_init(&pub_support, 0, NULL, &pub_allocator));
  RCCHECK(rclc_support_init(&sub_support, 0, NULL, &sub_allocator));

  // create node
  // RCCHECK(rclc_node_init_default(&sub_node, "micro_ros_platformio_node", "", &sub_support));
  RCCHECK(rclc_node_init_default(&pub_node, "uros_platformio_pub_node", "", &pub_support));
  RCCHECK(rclc_node_init_default(&sub_node, "uros_platformio_sub_node", "", &sub_support));

  // create publisher
    ROSIDL_GET_MSG_TYPE_SUPPORT(std_msgs, msg, Int32),

  // create subscriber
    ROSIDL_GET_MSG_TYPE_SUPPORT(std_msgs, msg, Int32),

  // create timer,
  const unsigned int timer_timeout = 1000;

  // publisher executor
  RCCHECK(rclc_executor_init(&pub_executor, &pub_support.context, 1, &pub_allocator));
  RCCHECK(rclc_executor_add_timer(&pub_executor, &timer));
  //subscriber executor
  RCCHECK(rclc_executor_init(&sub_executor, &sub_support.context, 1, &sub_allocator));
  RCCHECK(rclc_executor_add_subscription(&sub_executor, &subscriber, &msg, &subscription_callback, ON_NEW_DATA));

  msg.data = 0;

void loop() {
  RCSOFTCHECK(rclc_executor_spin_some(&sub_executor, RCL_MS_TO_NS(100)));

BTW: I have converted another example for micro-ROS / micro_ros_platformio on github. It is currently still a pull-request, but once approved and merged it will hopefully help others to get started as well. The link is here: micro-ros_platformio/examples

Once I successfully create an example of a single program with subscriber and publisher I will create another pull-request to the github repository.

Thanks guys, appreciate any replies and especially hints / pointers in the right direction

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please correct me if I'm way off: executor, support and allocator are shared. the problem most likely is

// publisher executor
RCCHECK(rclc_executor_add_timer(&executor, &timer));
//subscriber executor
RCCHECK(rclc_executor_init(&executor, &sub_support.context, 1, &sub_allocator));
RCCHECK(rclc_executor_add_subscription(&executor, &subscriber, &msg, &subscription_callback, ON_NEW_DATA));

Here are the issue I believe are with the code snippet above: the order is wrong rclc_executor_init needs to be the first statement, followed by rclc_executor_add_<whaterver needs="" adding="">

is this correct?

RCCHECK(rclc_executor_init(&executor, &support.context, 1, &allocator));
RCCHECK(rclc_executor_add_subscription(&executor, &subscriber, &msg, &subscription_callback, ON_NEW_DATA));
RCCHECK(rclc_executor_add_subscription(&executor, &publisher, &msg, &subscription_callback, ON_NEW_DATA));
RCCHECK(rclc_executor_add_timer(&executor, &timer));
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