Rtabmap_ros built with octomap

asked 2022-09-02 13:16:23 -0500

marpeja gravatar image

updated 2022-09-02 13:57:04 -0500

How can I make possible for Rtabmap_ros to work with octomap. I see in the documentation that I need to build rtabmap_ros with octomap, but I don't know how to this...

I tried putting this in the CMakeLists.txt:

find_package(octomap REQUIRED) 

And this in the package.xml:


But still doesn't work.

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you should not have to change the CMakeLists.txt. It is already supporting octomap.

matlabbe gravatar image matlabbe  ( 2022-10-23 21:27:33 -0500 )edit