[MoveIt2!] Custom low-level controller

asked 2022-08-18 05:47:39 -0500

Cryoschrome gravatar image

updated 2022-08-18 05:59:37 -0500

Hi, I am trying to develop the MoveIt2! pipeline for a custom manipulator. I would like to use a custom controller for my robot as ros2_control seems redundant as the motor driver has a control system built-in. So, all i need to do is send the trajectory generated by moveit to the micro-controller responsible for controlling the motor. I did read about FollowJointTrajectoryAction interface of moveit but I am confused on how to work with it. Is FollowJointTrajectoryAction interface the only way or is there any other method to send the trajectory.

I am using MoveIt2! with ROS Humble on Ubuntu 22.04

Please advice on how to implement it.
Any help is appreciated!
Thank you!

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