how can I make placing with the pick and place manager more reliable? [closed]

asked 2012-08-01 11:29:13 -0500

I'm using the pick and place manager to pick up and place objects on a table. Picking up using pick_up_object_near_point works quite nicely, but put_down_object not so much. I first set the place area, and then call put_down_object. Almost always, I get lots lots of NO_IK_SOLUTION and UNFEASIBLE errors. If I'm lucky, it will eventually succeed open-loop, but this of course takes a long time.

The poses I'm using in set_place_area look reasonable in rviz - they're within reach, and there's plenty of open space for the arm to move through. The collision map doesn't show any spurious obstacles that could be causing problems.

How robust is the arm planning to the distance the place pose is from the surface of the table? I'm working in a frame approximately centered on the table, with its z-value at zero on the surface of the table, so all the poses are (x,y,0), though I've tried += 0.05 for z which didn't make a difference.

Any suggestions on how I can make placing more reliable?

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