Elegant/ROS2 way to get the wheel radiuses in a ROS2 node

asked 2022-06-24 19:45:53 -0600


I wonder if there is an elegant way or ROS2 way to get wheel radiuses specified in a URDF model in a ROS node.

There a few options available I can think of but I'm not sure if there are the most elegant way to get them:

  • In a Gazebo drive plugin where it's reading the sdf model, you can publish the radiuses to a ROS topic. -> This look like the easiest one but not so elegant because you need to modify/create a gazebo plugin
  • Feed the node you want to get the radiuses with a param node that contains a string with the URDF model. -> This looks elegant but overkill if you only want the radiuses of the wheels and not everything else. I wonder if there's a library to parse the URDF and easily get the radiuses of the wheels

Is there any other option?

By the way, I'm using ROS2 galactic.

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Not sure about other plugins yet, but diff drive gazebo plugin seems to at least log wheel pair diameter (a start point?!).

harshal gravatar image harshal  ( 2022-06-27 11:27:30 -0600 )edit