goal tolerance

asked 2022-06-24 16:42:46 -0600

Hello, I am using Franka Panda Arm with MoveIt!. However, when running the robot arm, I encountered the error Controller position_joint_trajectory_controller failed with error GOAL_TOLERANCE_VIOLATED.

After searching on this forum and googling for solutions, I tried to change the values of goal_time, stopped_velocity_tolerance, and goal constraints as this post described.

However, as I tried to modify these values in the .yaml file containing "position_joint_trajectory_controller", the corresponding values in runtime do not change accordingly, resulting in the same error code. Therefore, I want to ask how to change the position_joint_trajectory_controller values before compiling. Thank you!


type: position_controllers/JointTrajectoryController


- panda_joint1

- panda_joint2


goal_time: 0.6

stopped_velocity_tolerance: 0

panda_joint1: {goal: 0.1}

panda_joint2: {goal: 0.1}

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