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Connect ROS with a KUKA manipulator

asked 2022-05-10 04:16:52 -0500

LuisEFA1998 gravatar image

I am working on a school project that involves controlling a Kuka KR5 arc HW-2 robot with ROS. I already have the URDF model of the robot and my MoveIt support package to make it move in RViz and Gazebo. I have searched in many places but I have not found information on how to connect my robot to ROS, I would like to know if someone has worked with that manipulator or with others of the same brand, if so, how can I make the connection with Kuka robots?

I have seen that there is an Industrial ROS package called Kuka Experimental, but I don't quite understand the procedure, I am new to working with ROS.

Thank you very much in advance.

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2 Answers

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answered 2022-05-10 04:25:39 -0500

dinesh gravatar image

So here is the basic procedure: Below diagram shows how ros control (diff drive controller, joint trjaectory controller, joint position/velocity controller) can be easily used in between both real hardware and simulated hardwre (gazebo): image description 1. See if Kuka KR5 already provides any ROS package as hardware interface, if yes jsut using that will sove all issue 2. If not, than you will have to implement custom hardware_interface for your Kuka KR5 robot so that your ros controller eg. joint trajectory controller can control it through moveit in your case. Here is the link/tutorial in which you can create your own hardware interface any robot in real = Here

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answered 2022-05-19 05:32:46 -0500

ravnicas gravatar image

Ros industrials KUKA package already has an almost ready to use RSI hardware interface which you could use.

First of all you should learn about the ways you can communicate with your robot. As for RSI you would have to buy the software package if you don't have it.

The other two types of interfaces, EKI and mxAutomation aren't impossible to use, but don't quite harmonize with moveit.

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