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IMU up side down transformation

asked 2022-05-03 15:31:18 -0500

AutoCar gravatar image

Hi, I have installed my IMU up side down on the robot. Basically, the z axis is pointed downward instead upward. I hope to use the IMU senor to measure robot pose. Now I got the quaternion from the IMU. How can I transfer the quaternion so I can get the robot pose?

Thank you

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answered 2022-05-04 02:18:16 -0500

Joe28965 gravatar image

What do you need the transformation for?

If you use a URDF and make sure your IMU link is upside down in there too, the packages that use the IMU data will use your URDF to get the TF from base_link to imu_link automatically (I've done the same with lidars and never had issues).

You could also use a tf listener to request the transform between base_link to imu_link yourself (tutorial, I'm not sure if you want cpp or python).

If you want the "right side up" IMU data yourself, is point 4 or 5 relevant to you? It's about applying rotation or inverting your TF.

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My question is more about how to define the transfermatioin from base_link to imu_link. Suppose originally my IMU is perfectly aligned with the robot. Now I put the IMU up-side-down. What's the new transformation?

AutoCar gravatar image AutoCar  ( 2023-01-29 11:21:19 -0500 )edit

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