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How to use KUKA experimental with ROS2 Foxy

asked 2022-04-27 15:35:04 -0600

Nils gravatar image

Hi, I want to control a KUKA LBR iiwa 14 with ROS2 Foxy and found the KUKA experimental package.

The installation process is described in the ROS wiki. Unfortunately it uses catkin_make for the building and not colcon as it is recommended for ROS2.

Is there a workaround to use colcon? Or are there other ways to use this KUKA package under ROS2?

I appreciate every helpful answer :)

Thank you very much, Nils

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Unfortunately it seem like that package is yet to be migrate to the ros2 (Or might not be migrated to). And you can not use colcon with the ros1 package AFAIK. But I think @gvdhoorn will have more insights on the kuka and ros-industrial.

aarsh_t gravatar image aarsh_t  ( 2022-04-28 03:06:10 -0600 )edit

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answered 2022-04-28 03:19:36 -0600

gvdhoorn gravatar image

updated 2022-04-28 03:22:21 -0600

There is no ROS 2 support in kuka_experimental.

Additionally, kuka_experimental does not support control of IIWAs. Sunrise controllers do not (really) support RSI nor EKI afaik.

You'll have to use other packages for that.

Edit: see Ros2 support for KUKA iiwa for a recent ROS Discourse post about this.

I haven't used any of the packages mentioned in that thread, so I can't say anything as to their performance or stability.

Another option could be kroshu/ros2_kuka_sunrise, but there are many more.

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