Ros2 galactic and porting rqt plugins from ros1?

asked 2022-03-28 13:56:59 -0500

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I want to port some of my ROS1 rqt plugins using rospy to ROS2 Galactic and looked for some documentation. I cannot find any documentation of how to write a plugins with rclpy and ament. So where should I look, any pointers? I know how to use rclpy but how do you write the and so on to get a plugin and what do you need to do in the python code that is specific for ros2 rqt plugins?

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I finally managed to find the repos on github so looked in

and managed to get the information I needed. If you know about better places to look please anser the question. Or should I add my link as an answer?

tompe17 gravatar image tompe17  ( 2022-03-29 07:29:10 -0500 )edit