ROS3D not working with npm in Reactjs

asked 2022-02-18 08:09:36 -0600

Gowresh gravatar image

I installed ros3djs for Reactjs through npm by the following command:-

npm install ros3d

When I tried using it by the following code, I get an error(attached below):-

import ROSLIB from 'roslib';
import ROS3D from 'ros3d';
var rbServer = new ROSLIB.Ros({
        url : 'ws://'
var viewer = new ROS3D.Viewer({
  divID : 'map',
  width : 1100,
  height : 650,
  antialias : true

The error:image description

I tried other way of installing ros3d through the official robotwebtools github repository as well, but the same error persists.

How can I solve this?

Thanks in advance.

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Try to replace your import by those lines

import * as ROS3D from 'ros3d'; import * as ROSLIB from 'roslib';

rafRobot gravatar image rafRobot  ( 2022-04-21 09:51:52 -0600 )edit