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not able to link imu_link with base_link navigation stack

asked 2022-02-09 04:31:45 -0600

nivin gravatar image

i have implemented a slam robot using ros navigation stack. i was only using wheel encoder data but the robot localization was poor so iam trying to add imu sensor mpu 6050. i've edited my lauch file and added the config file with all the parameters but when i run the launch file iam getting this error.

I can't link the imu_link with the base_link. do i have to edit the URDF file too

launch file


<arg name="map_file" default="$(find mobile_robot_autonomous_navigation)/maps/layout.yaml"/> <arg name="model" default="$(find mobile_robot_autonomous_navigation)/urdf/mobile_robot.urdf.xacro"/>

<rosparam file="$(find mobile_robot_autonomous_navigation)/config/controllers.yaml" command="load"/> <rosparam file="$(find mobile_robot_autonomous_navigation)/config/joint_limits.yaml" command="load"/>

<node name="robot_hardware_interface" pkg="mobile_robot_autonomous_navigation" type="mobile_robot_hardware_interface" output="screen"> <remap from="/mobile_robot/mobile_base_controller/cmd_vel" to="/cmd_vel"/> </node>

<node name="robot_state_publisher" pkg="robot_state_publisher" type="robot_state_publisher" &gt;="" <="" node="">

<node name="rviz" pkg="rviz" type="rviz" args="-d $(find mobile_robot_autonomous_navigation)/config/nav_config.rviz"/>

<node name="controller_spawner" pkg="controller_manager" type="spawner" respawn="false" output="screen" args=" /mobile_robot/joints_update /mobile_robot/mobile_base_controller" &gt;="" <="" node="">

<node name="map_server" pkg="map_server" type="map_server" args="$(arg map_file)" &gt;="" <="" node="">

<include file="$(find rplidar_ros)/launch/rplidar.launch"/> <include file="$(find mobile_robot_autonomous_navigation)/launch/amcl.launch"/> <include file="$(find mobile_robot_autonomous_navigation)/launch/move_base.launch"/>

<node name="imu_unit" pkg="mpu_6050_driver" type=""> </node>

<node name="imu_filter" pkg="imu_complementary_filter" type="complementary_filter_node"> </node>

<node pkg="robot_localization" type="ekf_localization_node" name="ekf_se" clear_params="true"> <rosparam command="load" file="$(find mobile_robot_autonomous_navigation)/config/ekf.yaml"/> <remap from="odometry/filtered" to="odom"/> </node> </launch>

config file

frequency: 30

two_d_mode: true

publish_tf: true

map_frame: map odom_frame: odom base_link_frame: base_link world_frame: odom

odom0: /mobile_robot/mobile_base_controller/odom odom0_config: [false, false, false, false, false, true, true, true, false, false, false, true, false, false, false] odom0_differential: false

imu0: /imu/data imu0_config: [false, false, false, false, false, true, false, false, false, false, false, true, true, false, false] imu0_differential: false


footprint: [[-0.12, -0.12], [-0.12, 0.12], [0.12, 0.12], [0.12, -0.12]] footprint_padding: 0.01

robot_base_frame: base_link update_frequency: 2 publish_frequency: 1 transform_tolerance: 0.5

resolution: 0.05

obstacle_range: 5.5 raytrace_range: 6.0

layer definitions

static: map_topic: /map subscribe_to_updates: true

obstacles_laser: observation_sources: laser laser: {data_type: LaserScan, clearing: true, marking: true, topic: scan, inf_is_valid: true}

inflation_g: inflation_radius: 0.06

inflation_l: inflation_radius: 0.03

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answered 2022-02-09 04:32:06 -0600

nivin gravatar image

error message

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are you done with verification sorry moderation your very slow

nivin gravatar image nivin  ( 2022-02-10 23:13:23 -0600 )edit

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