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How can i publish data with new a topic from receving imu sensor in arduino??

asked 2022-01-14 15:41:42 -0500

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updated 2022-01-14 15:42:10 -0500

Hello, now i am studiying with arduino minimu9 v5 on arduino mega.I can see the data I get from arduino with on ros. I am currently working on visualization of the data. I learned that I need to publish the data I receive from arduino over a new topic. The type of messenger I use is std_msgs/Float32MultiArray.How can I create the code that I will publish? Need urgent help???

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answered 2022-01-14 16:53:41 -0500

miura gravatar image

I think the major steps are as follows

  1. Subscribes to a topic that can now be referenced in
  2. Process the subscribed data for visualization.
  3. Publish the processed data.

The following tutorials may also be of help.

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