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Estimated localization trajectory of the robot as a list of TF messages using SLAM Toolbox

asked 2021-12-02 08:59:34 -0500

JehanJay gravatar image

How can I obtain the estimated localization trajectory of the robot as a list of TF messages? Ideally, at the same frequency as the laser measurements. Background: I want to use that trajectory as the localization of my robot in TF for lookups.

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answered 2021-12-06 12:30:52 -0500

If you create a simple node (or add to your existing autonomy node) a TF subscriber, you can simply obtain the robot pose by obtaining the map to base_link transformation at your desired capture rate and store that in a list or whatever other format you find useful.

If you use a TF transformation filter on this node with your laser scanner as the subscriber, you can then easily have these things synchronized.

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Asked: 2021-12-02 08:59:34 -0500

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