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How to interpret the values of the current position of the joints?

asked 2021-12-01 12:37:23 -0500

regoGr gravatar image

updated 2021-12-01 12:37:44 -0500

Hello everyone! I have a manipulator with MoveIt and rospy and I use method


for getting current state of joints. But I want to get the values like it is on the picture image description How can I convert coordinates from output like

[7.30249639134854e-05, -0.5748639571155212, 1.110629325310894, 6.552529423497617e-05, -6.95780344773084e-05]
to angles like on the picture?

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1 Answer

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answered 2021-12-02 03:18:40 -0500

Ranjit Kathiriya gravatar image

updated 2021-12-02 03:19:38 -0500



With this function, you will get coordinate in the radian form stated by the standard ros coordinate system.

to angles like on the picture?

In the picture, you are seeing the angle of every axis that coordinate system is degree coordinates of robot.

Now, You just have to convert radiant coordinate to degree coordinate and you will get the degree of each joint as shown in the picture.

degrees = radians × 180° / 3.1415 # 3.1415 = π


You can take the help of online tools for converting radiant to a degree.

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Thank you very much! This information need to add to documentation.

regoGr gravatar image regoGr  ( 2021-12-02 06:55:14 -0500 )edit

If you think this is the right answer for your question, tick the answer so it can help others in the community.

Ranjit Kathiriya gravatar image Ranjit Kathiriya  ( 2021-12-02 06:57:56 -0500 )edit

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