Unittesting with ROS2 dasing

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Hi there,

I'm working on a project. For this project i'm working with ROS2 dashing in C++ on a Jetson Nano. I've writen some code which works fine, but i would like to add some unit testing for some functions so that i can test them whenever i want to.

I've read online that i should be able to do so with gtest, but i can't get it to work. When i use "colcon test --verbose" i get the message " The test did not generate a result file" as shown below:

build/mtr_system_nodes/test_results/mtr_system_nodes/mtr_system_nodes-test.gtest.xml: 1 test, 0 errors, 1 failure, 0 skipped
- mtr_system_nodes mtr_system_nodes-test.gtest.missing_result
  <<< failure message
    The test did not generate a result file:

    [==========] Running 1 test from 1 test case.
    [----------] Global test environment set-up.
    [----------] 1 test from AngleToSteepTest
    [ RUN      ] AngleToSteepTest.HandlesTenDegreesInput

Does anyone have an idea why this could happen?

i'll share my test, cmake and the function to be tested below


    TEST(AngleToSteepTest, HandlesTenDegreesInput)
    mtr_messages::msg::Sensordata::SharedPtr msg;
    angleDetection *a = new angleDetection();
    msg->x = 10;
    bool result = a->_angleToSteep(msg);


find_package(ament_cmake REQUIRED)
find_package(rclcpp REQUIRED)
find_package(std_msgs REQUIRED)
find_package(mtr_messages REQUIRED)

#add executables
add_executable(message_publisher_node src/message_publisher_node)
ament_target_dependencies(message_publisher_node rclcpp std_msgs mtr_messages)

add_executable(message_subscriber_node src/message_subscriber_node)
ament_target_dependencies(message_subscriber_node rclcpp std_msgs mtr_messages)

add_executable(road_surface_node src/road_surface_node.cpp)
ament_target_dependencies(road_surface_node rclcpp std_msgs mtr_messages)

add_library(angle_detection_lib SHARED src/angle_detection_node.cpp)
ament_target_dependencies(angle_detection_lib rclcpp std_msgs mtr_messages)

add_executable(angle_detection_node src/angle_detection_node.cpp)
ament_target_dependencies(angle_detection_node rclcpp std_msgs mtr_messages)

target_include_directories(angle_detection_lib PUBLIC  ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/src)
target_include_directories(angle_detection_node PUBLIC  ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/src)


  find_package(ament_lint_auto REQUIRED)
  find_package(rclcpp REQUIRED)
  find_package(mtr_messages REQUIRED)
  ament_add_gtest(${PROJECT_NAME}-test src/angleDetectionNodeTests.cpp)
  ament_target_dependencies(${PROJECT_NAME}-test rclcpp std_msgs mtr_messages)
  target_link_libraries(${PROJECT_NAME}-test angle_detection_lib)


Code to be tested:

bool angleDetection::_angleToSteep(const mtr_messages::msg::Sensordata::SharedPtr msg)
    int x = (int)msg->x;
    if (x >= 20 || x <= -20)
        std::cout << "angle to steep the angle is:  " << msg->x << "degrees" << std::endl;
        return true;
    return false;
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