The sensor sources and The odometry source for simulated ROSbot2.0

asked 2021-09-30 13:36:08 -0600

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In the navigation stack setup image:

The odometry source come through the message nav_msgs/Odometry ,this is for real robot and simulated robot.

Question(1):for simulated ROSbot2.0, Does this message(nav_msgs/Odometry) come from Gazebo? I am confused here.

Question(1): is there an image for the odometry source in real or simulated ROSbot2? or it is usually inside?

The navigation stack needs sensor information.

Question(3):For the simulated ROSbot2 in Gazebo, Are the messages: sensor_msgs/LaserScan or sensor_msgs/PointCloud published from Gazebo? I need to understand this.

Many thanks

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