Intel T265 Camera and Video topic not displaying on RVIZ2 [closed]

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Hello there, I am an extremely new user to ROS2 and is currently facing an issue of RVIZ2 not displaying the camera or image topic from the T265 Camera. I followed the instructions to install Realsense-ROS for Foxy on my Ubuntu 20.04 machine and ran the following command to start the camera node.

ros2 run realsense2_camera realsense2_camera_node --ros-args -p enable_pose:=true -p device_type:=t265 -p fisheye_width:=848 -p fisheye_height:=800

In another terminal, I started an instance of rviz2. I selected the add button to create visualization by the fisheye1 camera and image topic. However, rviz2 does not show any preview of the topics. The rqt_graph shows that the topic is being published. I have included screenshots of the rviz2 and rqt_graph. Any help would be appreciated.

A screenshot of the rqt graph can be found here

A screenshot of the rviz2 instance can be found here

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